Agency Battles for No Shave Supremacy with The Beard League

By Bob Marshall 

In honor of Robert Feuille, a copywriter who passed away from testicular cancer at the age of 28, Texas agency Sanders/Wingo, who we’re giving some extended love to in honor of the cause, have created The Beard League, a way to turn Movember into a creative competition while donating money to Feuille’s family.

During the month of November, 31 teams of beard-growing dudes will submit funny photos of themselves in the hopes that it will convince people to donate to their team. Why are there 31 teams when there are only 30 days in November? The answer is not yet clear, but each of the contestants is also documenting their growth process with daily photos of their facial hair.


Currently, Scott “The Hairy Outside” McAfree leads with $440 in donations according to The Bearderboard. Will that be enough to win him The Bearder’s Cup? It’s up to you, donators. And, as a bonus for giving, all who donate will be entered in a drawing to win The Beard League merchandise. If that doesn’t float your boat, know that you donation goes to the Feuille Family Scholarship Fund, which benefits Feuille’s three young children. A pretty cool take on no-shave November, no?