Adweak Launches YouTube Series Mocking the Agency World

By Patrick Coffee 

You know Adweak, right? The site and Twitter feed known for its “ad criticism and blatantly fake news” has branched out. First, the super-mysterious people behind the account launched Adweak Works, because they’re looking to trade their snark for some sweet dough.

They also just started releasing a series of YouTube shorts addressing our readers’ favorite topic: the big, sometimes-beautiful mess that is the ad industry. They’re basically animated, robo-narrated versions of Adweak tweets.

Here’s the first one, which concerns another hot topic on this blog: Droga5 and their perceived hotness (or lack thereof).


You get it.

The next “episode” concerns agency planners and their insistence on turning soup cans into sentiments:

In a clip that our old school readers will find relevant, a copywriter insists that everything is social:

It’s not just agency people who do that, by the way. Journalists do it too.

Finally, a shared experience that needs no dialogue:

We give the team’s video efforts a solid B with a few extra points for the inclusion of British People. There are already a couple more clips on the YouTube page, and they seem to update every two or three days.

We’ve reached out to the nameless Adweak “Editor,” who writes:

“We just thought it could be fun to bring Adweak to life a bit.  Until now our snarky humor has only been in written form.  As with anything these days you sometimes just have to do it and see if it gets some love.
…and the platform we’re using to animate the stories is pretty damn cheap.”

More clips to come. In the meantime, enjoy the bitter taste of this low-hanging fruit.