Adweak Knows Our Readers Better Than They Know Themselves

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in June we let you know that our mysterious, anonymous friends at Adweak had created a video series mocking the agency world and related tropes like the recent hotness of Droga5 and the drunken state of client meetings.

The property’s editors, who we don’t know by name despite the fact that they do produce actual work, are not averse to poking fun at certain ad industry web logs!

That was a very accurate impression, by the way. And this one isn’t too far off.

The group’s latest video tackles a subject very dear to our hearts: AgencySpy readers and the comments they sometimes make.

We genuinely hope that creative teams don’t expend this much energy trying to make their put-downs more effective, and we feel like this may be a slight exaggeration on the part of Adweak.

Still, we say to readers: it’s nice to know that someone is paying attention to your “work,” isn’t it?