Advertising Week Icons: Moisty the Snowcone

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last night PRNewser Editor Joe Ciarallo and I attended the Walk of Fame/Opening Gala &#151 Advertising Week’s excuse to set up a tent in Times Square and make tourists feel like, well, tourists.

Despite having some major video issues and making everyone wait 15 minutes (the nerve!) while things got worked out, the event was just fine. You didn’t really miss anything, except Moisty the Snowcone. Never one to miss a photo opp. (I made that up), the little-known Moisty arrived just as the brand characters were lining up.

See him, back there with the awkward snow belly and snow cone hat? Hardee har. Here’s a fun fact: the two dudes in the Crash Test Dummy costumes are actually Sunshine Sachs employees. SS handles Advertising Week’s PR. That’s one way to save $200.

OK so btw no one know who the hell Moisty was, but he/she/it stole the show for a brief moment, before sauntering away into the evening.

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