Advertising Is For Everyone

By SuperSpy 

Oh! I love this. It’s so gross, I might barf. Just got this press release:

“Today the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) launched a pre-emptive strike against those who will hype fears about the sun next week on “Melanoma Monday,” by running an ad nationally in USA TODAY.”


The text of the ad reads:

“Dermatologists and the sunscreen industry have spent millions on a deceptive campaign to scare Americans away from the sun. Now the tide of research is turning the other direction. The positive effects of getting vitamin D from sunlight are clear. So soak up a little sunlight–indoors or out–a couple of times each week, and get your recommended dose of the sunshine vitamin.”

Did your stomach do a little flip at the part where they’re basically like – “the world has aligned against you baking yourself in the sun? It’s a conspiracy! It’s the magic bullet theory all over again!”

So, yeah, the sun is good for your skin. That’s not new science for starters, but uh… it also causes all sorts of nasty side effects like oh, cancer and premature aging to name two. Gawd bless advertising. Everyone’s got a point of view.