Advertising Is Dead! I’m Outta Here!

By SuperSpy 

You know how Phillipe Starck came out of the closet to proclaim that design was shit?

“I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact. Everything I designed was unnecessary. I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself … design is a dreadful form of expression.”

He also said he would retire in two years. That reminds of us when Jay-Z was all like, “I’m outta the game.” Then released a record a year later. It’s like when Godard denounced films for a few years, then started making movies again. Starck will be back.

Question is, why don’t advertising gurus ever proclaim that “advertising is dead! I’m ashamed to sell fattening kids series to the children of America!” When is like, Jeff Goodby, gonna lost it and exit the business crazed and babbling? Hmm… maybe not Goodby, but some one has got to do it. Any takers? Think of the book you’ll write.