Advertising For Employment

By SpyWriter 

Of course, we never thought that the ad industry was the only place taking a hit in terms of unemployment rates. But it’s always surprising how devasted and desperate some people are for work these day. Everyday I hear something that reiterates what a down economy we are in.

I just read an article in the NY Sun about an investment banker who is standing out on 50th and Park advertising himself to get a job. The article talks about how this guy, Joshua Persky, lost his job six months ago and has watched more and more people in his field be fired since then. So he decided to go further than just sending out his resume and reaching out to his connections. He is wearing a sandwich board on the corner and hoping the right someone will notice.


I think all of the unemployed ad guys should get together and create your own unemployment campaign. What would be the best way to market yourself?