Advertising Doesn’t Need Another Old White Guy…Says Middle-Aged White Guy

By Erik Oster 

Freelance creative director/copywriter Brian Thompson is turning 45 this month. But rather than worrying about aging out of the industry and throwing a pity party, he’s actually doing something to promote diverse young talent.

More specifically, he’s trying to raise $4,500 for E4 Youth, an Austin non-profit organization which funds programs that mentor diverse talent to pursue creative careers, before he turns 45. Before going freelance, Thompson served as an associate creative director for T3 and WCG in Austin and as director of brand and creative for Golfsmith International.

“I freelance for a lot of good people at different agencies, but too often, those people look a lot like me,” Thompson said in a statement on his site. “And that’s not healthy for the work, the business and the country.”

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