Advertising, circa 1992

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here for your amusement is an image of the Crispin, Porter team from (we’re told) about 1992. Notice a particularly bright eyed Alex Bogusky, sitting next to Chuck Porter. If they could reach back and change anything, would it be the high-waisted white shorts, the oddly patterned dress or the khakis with white socks? Not sure that was ever fashionably appropriate, but nevermind. History!

Update: Forgot the names of everyone else. In the far back &#151 Steve Horowitz (CW), Dave Swartz. (AD) Next row &#151 Sara Gennett, Michael Bettendorf (CW), Ana Bogusky, Diane Durban (AD)


short row to the right &#151 Gloria Schmall (Production), Shawn Wood (CW), Emily Chase (intern)

Front &#151 Aileen Lopez (Studio), Chuck Porter, Alex Bogusky, Markham Cronin


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