AdMob Unviels iPhone App Tracking

By SuperSpy 

Today, AdMob has launched download tracking for iPhone applications. Advertisers will now be able to track conversion rates for what they’re serving up to users. The company also released some insights about the behavior :

– Free applications have an average conversion rate of 10 percent, significantly higher than the average 1 percent conversion rate for paid applications.

– Games generally have higher conversion rates than other categories of apps, up to a 100 per cent improvement over non-game apps at similar price points.

Just a note on AdMob: the company served 4.5 billion ads in September 2008. With the economic downturn, no one is sure if mobile will be effected by the pullback in brand spending. Mobile advertising is still considered “experimental,” which means those budgets may have been the first things to see the axe. Like everything else, it’s a wait and see game. For more on mobile advertising predications and smartphone sales, check out this article from today’s Mediapost.

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