AdMan Uses Phrase ‘Must-Read’ in Same Sentence as ‘AgencySpy’

By Matt Van Hoven 

OgilvyOne ECD Mat Zucker will be writing for The Faster Times about the ad industry, careers and the like. Today he posted a list of content he reads. Among the mentions, Agencyspy! We’ve come a long way from our, eh, humble beginnings. At least, in Zucker’s eyes.

Out of nowhere, this Mediabistro blog became the must-read industry blog, full of insider dish, much of it often true ;-). The actual reporting was quite sketchy for awhile but seems to have improved in the last year.

Back in the day this blog was run by two anonymous ad professionals who have since moved on. In their stead, Kiran Aditham and I have been happy to bring you as much content as we can. This month marks Kiran’s first full year, so presumably the blog was still sketchy while I was alone at the helm. Who am I kidding, we’re still perceived as such throughout the realm. No matter, it’s better to be different than appropriate when the consequence of blending in is death.

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