Addendum: Told You So: Idea City Steals A New Creative From Crispin

By SuperSpy 

We just received two great comments about our recent post about Mark Taylor joining GSD&M that we had to create a separate entry. Enjoy and discuss.

“Was he actually a CD at Crispin, or an ACD? There seems to be some discrepency. Either way, he’s got the chops, but does he have the stomach? It remains to be seen how he’ll be accpted by the 8 Group Creative Directors who’ve been at GSD&M an average of 10 years. They’re all guys, all older than Taylor and mostly none-too-happy to be passed over, plus they all took paycuts recently to help pay for the new guy.


And then there’s the prospect of Roy’s return to the agency. If Hillary doesn’t get the nomination, Roy will be back and looking to re-engage.

Will Taylor stay longer than he did at Fallon? The betting pool is already active. “

And then this one:

“Your coverage of “Idea City” misses the big news around the company: while clients leave, new business falters, and valuable employees defect, the so-called “leadership committee” of long time sycophants has been consumed by internal squabbles. It’s increasingly clear that the agency’s much-vaunted “power of purpose” isn’t winning in the real world. But our fearless leaders are tying themselves in knots trying to fit this shopworn idea into the mundane day-to-day work of the agency. When are they going to realize that the agency’s branding approach has never actually been implemented because it doesn’t actually work and that it’s time to get real? The whole place is getting tired of waiting for intelligent leadership that has some clue about what we do and how advertising really works. Instead all we’re getting is insanely complex new work processes that are designed to make sure all the tired old ideas are dutifully respected. Despite the new CIO, an exodus of talent is imminent.”