adam&eveDDB Teases New Bond in Sony Ad

By Erik Oster 

adam&eveDDB has launched a new campaign for Sony, cashing in on the anticipation surrounding the November debut of the new Bond movie Spectre with “Made for Bond.”

A 60-second spot promotes the Sony RX100 IV as a Bond-worthy piece of tech with an actions sequence starring Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny. Moneypenny is tasked with picking up Bond’s new phone (the Sony RX100 IV), but meets some unexpected complications leading to a chase sequence. Able to escape her pursuers, thanks in part to the high tech gadget, Moneypenny informs Bond that she has his phone, adding, “Will you do me a favor next time? Go and pick it up yourself.” 

Bond fans eager for the latest installment should enjoy the spot as a tease for the new film and it’s nice to see Moneypenny at the center of the action. Sony benefits not only from the association with the massively popular franchise, but also from having its the RX100 IV cast a high tech Bond gadget. These kind of branded appropriations of a franchise always feel forced to some degree, but fans should be able to look past here as adam&eveDDB does a good job at keeping things from getting too heavy-handed.