AdAge Doesn’t Much Care for Figliulo & Partners Sprint Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Ken Wheaton of AdAge and the Agency Spy commenting community have something in common: neither party cares for Figliulo & Partners‘ attempt to revive Sprint’s flagging fortunes!

Here’s a “framily” refresher:

Wheaton uses his alliterative headline card to call it “frankly, frightful” before laying down some more key quotes:

“Blaming Sprint’s third-place status on its advertising or its agencies is ludicrous.”

Well, yes.

“The ‘Frobinson Family’ effort is basically a retread of a Softbank campaign that’s had some success in Japan. I’ve watched the Japanese spots and found those funny. But I also don’t understand a word of Japanese.”

That explains why we missed it.

“Maybe the talking hamster and the kid from ‘Deliverance’ are meant to distract us from the pitch.
But they don’t.”

The brand exudes confidence, but Wheaton isn’t having it:

“‘It will be a family that will live on for a long time to come,’ said CMO Jeff Hallock.

Want to bet?”

Well, then. For the record, we expected a more prominent role for Kitty Sanchez.

Now what did he leave out?