Ad Execs: The New Environmental Power Rangers

By SuperSpy 

Maurice Levy, Michael Roth, John Wren, Miles Nadal of MDC Partners; Seth Farbman of Ogilvy and representing WPP; David Jones of Euro RSCG Worldwide and representing Havas; Tom Carroll of TBWA Worldwide; Byron Lewis, UniWorld and Linda Sawyer of Deutsch walk into a bar. Marty says to Linda: “Oi. Is that my hat?” And then, Linda says…

No. That would be too awesome if I had a joke about all these guys. Instead, the Power Rangers of advertising got together to meet with UN
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. This meeting is to kick start a UN communications initiative to help combat climate change. The industry’s working group, which has yet to be selected, will be made of hand-picked directors from these various industries. Will it be you?
Notice also, there ain’t a digital agency chief on the list. Way to work together guys.


Anyway, Michael Lee, Executive Director of the IAA, said that: “The ultimate selling proposition might just be saving the planet. Nobody, anywhere, can surely defy the gravitational pull of responsibility?”

While this a good thing for advertising agencies to get involved with it, Lee is on crack. The gravitational pull of responsibility? Dude is just out of his mind. I hope that this effort doesn’t kick off with language touting the responsibility of all of us, because you know – that hasn’t worked for, ohhhh…. the last thirty years.

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