Ad Execs Bike to SXSW for Lyme, COPD Awareness

By Erik Oster 

Longhorn Tomato Motorcycle RunTwo ad executives — chief operating officer at W2O David Mihalovic, and W2O global chief creative officer Mike Hartman — are biking from northern New Jersey to this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas to raise funds for Lyme Disease and COPD research in an endeavor they’re calling “Longhorn Tomato Motorcycle Run.”

The pair will set out from Asbury Park in a couple of days and have announced that “Anyone on two wheels brave enough to hit the road in the north east in early March is invited to join.” In the mean time, the fundraising aspect of the trip is in need of some help. Mihalovic and Hartman have raised $2,093 of their $25,000 goal. Undeterred, the pair says “…it’s time to give. Not give up.” So head on over to the donation page and help them out, if you can. It’s for a good cause.

Once the ride kicks off, you can follow the group’s Facebook page for updates on the action and their current location. Good luck, guys.