Ad Council Confronts National Mental Health Crisis with ‘Love, Your Mind’ Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute and the Ad Council have launched an initiative designed to create a more open, accepting and proactive society when it comes to mental health.

The new “Love, Your Mind” campaign was developed through extensive market research to resonate with the nearly 70 million adults across the U.S. who are likely to experience mental health challenges but who may be discouraged from seeking help. Building on the Huntsman Mental Health Institute and the Ad Council’s long-term commitment to advancing mental health, this latest effort convenes experts, media platforms and influential voices to change the conversation around mental health at an unprecedented scale.

“Love, Your Mind” offers free mental health resources on, or in Spanish. The campaign contains multiple national PSAs designed to resonate with specific audiences, beginning with content tailored for Black men and for Hispanic men, in both English and Spanish, who are overrepresented among this group.


“People of color in our country frequently experience racial battle fatigue: a systemic racism-related repetitive stress injury that is strongly correlated with mental health challenges,” said Dr. William A. Smith, chief administrative officer for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at Huntsman Mental Health Institute in a statement. “We’re proud to launch the ‘Love, Your Mind’ campaign with an initial focus on reaching Black and Latino men, acknowledging their experiences and offering them the mental health tips and resources to help them thrive in life.”

The message of “Love, Your Mind” is meant to inspire individuals to nurture their relationship with their minds the same way they care for their closest personal relationships.

The campaign’s creative assets were developed pro bono by FCB New York and FCB Chicago and directed by award-winning director Calmatic. The project was co-produced by project3 and Prettybird. Plural* is also producing audio spots in both English and Spanish.

“Supporting your mental health must be normalized,” said Mike Williams, executive creative director, FCB New York. “It must, because your mind is the most valuable asset you have and caring for it, nurturing it, strengthening it, can ultimately get you to where you want to go in life.”

All “Love, Your Mind” PSAs and activations promote the new website that helps individuals explore specific emotions and scenarios that can affect their mental health, along with suggesting self-care strategies and coping practices. The website also features stories from a variety of people reflecting on how they have navigated their own challenges, assuring site visitors that they are not alone in their struggles.

To complement mass media reach through the national PSAs, the campaign has also partnered with agencies who have deep expertise in engaging the Black community (House of Joy), Hispanic community (Latinovations) and the faith community (Values Partnerships).

The campaign was modeled after the success of the Ad Council’s Covid-19 vaccine education effort, which reached more than 75% of those eligible to be vaccinated.