Mystery Box and The Harmon Brothers Get Violent, Messy for VidAngel

By Patrick Coffee 

Creating an ad for a client whose main product aims to “protect” audiences from “the bosoms, blood and bad words” on YouTube and in movies is quite a challenge, but The Harmon Brothers (the guys behind the Poopouri spots) certainly got the job done with some help from production company Mystery Box and David Ackerman of Ackermania in this spot for VidAngel (a company co-founded by executive producer Jeffrey Harmon):

We’re not sure how the Fearful Parent target audience will take the campaign, and since we don’t have kids yet (thank God) we can’t say whether it would lead us to consider paying for the service. But it does serve as a nice showcase for Ackermania’s unfettered approach to advertising.

For once, the behind-the-scenes clip is worth watching as well after the jump.


Two questions: can you really imagine a “family-friendly” version of Game of Thrones? And did Wolf of Wall Street really break all records for cursing? We fell asleep at some point during the third hour.


Executive Producers: Jeffrey Harmon and Neal Harmon
Directed by Jacob Schwarz
Producer and Production Designer: Katie Schwarz
Set Construction: Mark Weiler
Set Decorator: Whitney Schwarz
Fiberfix Armor Design: Chani Boyce and Derek Johanson
Slow-Motion Camera Operators: Willem Kampenhout, Mark Weiler, Chris Mabey
Phantom Camera: Devin Graham
Behind the Scenes Camera: Preston Lewis
Behind the Scenes Camera: John Uibel
Behind the Scenes Editor: Colton Lee
Gaffer: David Thorpe
Best Boy Electric: Graham Beckstead
Paintball Techs: Saints Paintball and (The dudes who looked after, calibrated, serviced and instructed the paintball guns.)
Paintball Marker Safety: Matthew Holley
Craft Services: Whitney Schwarz
Production Assistant: Lindsay Walch
Editing, Color, and Post-Production Workflow: Samuel Bilodeau
Sound Design: Daren Smith at Telekinesis Entertainment
Graphics Layout: Daniel Harmon
Motion Graphics: Josh Badger –
Additional Graphics and Visual Effects: Samuel Bilodeau
Created by David Ackerman (A special thanks to Dave, who came up with the original concept of shooting someone with 800 paintballs and the brilliant line, “Every word has impact”)

Produced by: Ackermania (casting of stunt doubles)
Produced by: MysteryBox (set production, post production, art direction and visual vision, filming, editing, mastering)
Produced by: The Harmon Brothers (coordination of production, additional writing, safety, crowd control, gun assembly, additional stunt doubles—and basically ensured that the whole thing happened).