ACE Content Takes Unsuspecting Cab Riders on Adventures for North Face

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly’s content and entertainment division, ACE Content teamed up with production company Decon to produce “See For Yourself Cab” for North Face.

The North Face branded cab drove around New York City picking up unsuspecting passengers and offering them the opportunity to take an adventure, asking them, “Do you want to see for yourself?” Passengers who answered in the affirmative were then driven to such locations as Rockaway Beach, Windham Mountain, The Gunks, and even Canyon Lakes, Utah — 2,138 miles from New York City — for surfing, mountain biking, kayaking and mountain climbing excursions. It’s a pretty fun concept, perfect for the brand, and those involved seemed to genuinely have a blast. The video has gained some attention online, too, with almost 500,000 views on YouTube since being posted a week ago.



Agency: ACE Content                                                                                                                                                                                             

Executive Producer: Justin Barocas / Partner

Creative Director: Carlos Naude

Producer: Scotty Gelade

Strategist: Phoebe Alix

Project Manager: Josh Lewis

Decon [Production Company and Editorial]

Partner/Executive Producer: Misha Louy

Executive Producer: Peter Bittenbender

Director: Adam Donald

Line Producer: Jake Wasserman

Director of Photog: Gregory Wilson

Post Producer: Cynthia Angel

Editor: Sam Goetz

Sound: Sound Lounge/Rob Difondi