According to Geico, Technologically-Savvy Pigs Will Steal Your Girlfriend

By Jordan Teicher 

We feel for Ted. The guy has hail damage to his car, he’s doing the right thing by calling his insurance agent, and then he loses his attractive girlfriend to a pig. You might be saying, “well, it’s not just any pig. It’s Maxwell.” And the rest of the America would be saying, “the pig from from those Geico ads has a name?” To which I say, yes. But, you see, that’s how Geico swoops in with their anthropomorphic pig and ruins Ted’s life even though nobody remembers Ted by the end of the commercial.

These new Maxwell commercials from the Martin Agency are actually a step in the right direction for Geico. The company used up all of their gecko jokes about ten years ago, and since everybody who wants to save 15 percent or more on their car insurance is already doing so, focusing the recent spots on different advantages, like online claims, is subtly smart. Although, I’m not sure a pig’s hoof would be able to work the tablet touch screen.

As for Ted, well now he’s the guy who lost a girlfriend to a pig. Life is pretty much over after that. Why would a girlfriend break up with her boyfriend just because he was put on hold with an insurance company? Couldn’t she go inside and watch The View instead of waiting impatiently outside? Does she have a tablet fetish? Does she eat bacon? These are questions I want answered in upcoming Geico spots.

Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer:                                                     Joe Alexander

SVP/Group Creative Director:                                    Steve Bassett           

VP/Creative Director:                                                      Wade Alger

VP/Senior Art Director:                                                 Justin Harris

EVP/Director of Account Management:                Chris Mumford

VP/Account Director:                                                      Liz Toms

Account Supervisor:                                                        Parker Collins

Account Coordinator:                                                     Carter Crenshaw                                               

Project Manager:                                                                Jason Ray

VP/Agency Executive Broadcast Producer:         Molly Souter

Agency Producer:                                                               Nicole Hollis-Vitale

Agency Junior Producer:                                               Emily Taylor

Group Talent Director:                                                    Suzanne Wieringo

Senior Integrated Production Business Manager:            Amy Trenz


Production Company:                                                      Moxie Pictures

Director:                                                                                  Frank Todaro

Director of Photography:                                                Jimi Whitaker

Executive Producer:                                                            Robert Fernandez

Executive Producer:                                                            Roger Zorovich

Executive Producer:                                                            Karol Zeno

Line Producer:                                                                       Laura Heflin



Editorial Company:                                                          Rock Paper Scissors

Editor:                                                                                     Carlos Arias

Asst. Editor:                                                                         Dan DeWinter

Editorial Exec. Producer:                                              Eve Kornblum

Editorial Producer:                                                           Helena Lee



Telecine:                                                                        Company 3

Colorist:                                                                        Tim Masick


Animation & VFX:                                                               Click3X

Sr. VFX Artist/ VFX Supervisor:                                      Mark Sumski

VFX Supervisor:                                                                   Eliza Pelham Randall

Executive Producer:                                                             Chris Kiser                                               

VFX Producer:                                                                       Jon O’Hara


Maxwell Puppet and Puppeteers:                                     Legacy FX


Audio Post Company:                                                          Rainmaker Studios

Engineer:                                                                                 Jeff McManus


Music by:                                                                                Big Foote Music + Sound