Accenture Interactive Shows Us One Way to Introduce an Ad Agency

By Doug Zanger 

And you all thought that Accenture Interactive wasn’t creative.

There’s no way a consultancy could possibly come up with something unique or interesting, right? Well, for all the naysayers out there, let’s just take a peek at a new video promoting the opening of Accenture Interactive’s new office in Amsterdam.


To illustrate the agency’s bona fides—and the collision of art and science—a 90-second video brings together globally renowned contemporary dancer Thi-Mai Nguyen and Yaskawa, an industrial robot.

Set to a sparse soundtrack and created by production company Kream London, the clip sees Nguyen and the robot engage in an interpretive dance that’s a little less mechanical than one might expect.

The film goes from compelling to dystopian … much like the overplayed narrative of how consultancies are taking over the ad biz (they’re really not).

We get the symbolism, and we could throw down a couple hundred more fancy, descriptive words, but we won’t do that to everyone so early in the week. Frankly, it’s a little refreshing not to experience the usual litany of full-service integrated capabilities that come with the opening of any new agency.

The bar is relatively high. Now let’s see what kind of work comes out of this office.


Agency: Accenture Interactive Amsterdam

Agency Creatives: Peter Van Rij & Martijn Van Marle
Production Company: Kream London
Producer: Lauren Tyson
Exec Producer: Lisa Green
Kream Creative Director: on Harvey
Dancer / Choreographer: Thi-mai Nguyen
Director: Luke White @ Ob Management
DOP: Giuseppe Favale
Editor: Brendan Jenkins @ Ten Three
Robotic Arm: Yaskawa
Robotic Programmer: Adrian Mosley @ Yaskawa
Production Manager: Thom Green
VFX: Jonathan Hicks @ Freefolk
Colorist: Holly Greig @ Freefolk
Composer: Shervin Shaeri @ Mutant Jukebox
Art Director: James Hamilton
Costume: Holly Macdonald
Hair & Make-up: Ranelle Chapman