Absolut Captures India in a Bottle

By Bob Marshall 

From Absolut and SapientNitro India comes a new, interactive experience that turns empty liquor bottles into audible art.

Now, we know it hasn’t been long since we covered an Absolut campaign that aimed to align the popular vodka brand with a distinct culture. But, while EVB took Absolut Miami to the web for an interactive experience, SapientNitro India settled on a more tangible means of bringing India to life. The art installation, which debuted during the India Art Fair at NSIC Grounds Okhla from Jan. 25 to Jan. 29, emits sound when a person “eavesdrops” onto  a bottle.


As the release suggests, one’s experience with the installation is dependent on what cultural norms they bring with them. “The work draws inspiration from the ‘unseen’. The Indian ideal of a spiritual quest that is not visual or outward looking, but seeks to create an experience within.”

For those techies wondering how they did it, SapientNitro used “open source micro controllers with custom electronics, ultra-sonic range sensors and monaural speakers. The bottles, ten in all, are mounted on a 17.3 ft 1.2ft shelving structure of wood, glass and resin.” Now that you have the specs, feel free you create your own similar empty bottle display in your garage. After all, it’s art. Credits after the jump.

Creative head- Suchitra Gahlot

Art Director- Sunil Vallu

Concept/ Copywriter- Suchitra Gahlot & Sunil Vallu

Production- Ashish Nagpal

Interaction design- Suchitra Gahlot & Sunil Vallu

Technology- Sunil Vallu

Sound design- Suchitra Gahlot, Antara Aneja & Sunil Vallu

Business Director- Sohini Pani

Account Manager- Ruchika Khanna