A Message to Our Fellow ‘Douchenozzle’: George Parker

By Kiran Aditham 

hi George

Kiran here, who is the “useless” person who runs AgencySpy. Sorry to irk and really push your buttons with something we posted and retracted from last Friday. Let me tell you straight up, yes, we posted this and pulled it. FYI, we don’t carry any agency allegiance, but yes, the fact was, we were being strongarmed by the party involved who wrote it into some bullshit alliance to post this rant in the first place and when we just posted a simple IP trace (no specific IP, fyi), we were threatened many times over in our tips box (and yes, I have it to prove it). Is this wrong? Does editorial discretion not apply? And when have we ever done this before?

We have no agency bias, agenda, or anything fact of the matter. You push us (like this person did unlike any tipster we ever had, hence the IP trace) and we’ll push you back. I know you’re this ad veteran who can spit vitriol from your safe haven of fucking Boise, but I know you’re a tomcat inside. I’d rather prefer some nice, healthy debate versus your platform of being high and mighty from your blog, so let’s do it when you’re in town. If I revised anything, it was not anything from the original letter at allĀ  (wanna read it? just email me here and repost at will, sir!). I just think you’re a scotch-addled curmudgeon who could use a good hug. Love you much!


P.S. Good seeing you at Idea Conference a few years ago, geezah, you were such a docile person.