A Man Confronts Multiple Versions of Himself in Aussie Men’s Health Ad

By Kyle O'Brien 

A man watches television in Australia and gets bored when a men’s health brand commercial comes on. Suddenly, his area rug starts pulsating and as he goes to explore, he is sucked into an alternate universe where he is confronted by multiple alternate versions of himself.

That’s the strangely engaging premise behind a new ad for Australian men’s health company Mosh by agency Sunday Gravy—and directed by production company Revolver’s Matt Devine.


Australian men apparently have a habit of ignoring their health issues, putting off things until they get serious. Mosh is on a mission to destigmatize men’s health by making things like hair loss, weight loss and sexual and mental health more affordable, accessible, easy and safe.

They chose to do so in a trippy way, especially in the long-form video, which explores the upside down world of Derek and his many cloned alternatives, from a bunch of overweight versions of himself eating at a table—to a disturbingly large version trapped in a basement gym, to multiple female versions and a room full of balding Dereks.

Ultimately, the message is that too many men sweep their problems under the rug—and Mosh helps them confront them in an easily manageable way.

“We needed a way to get through to men. Knowing that most blokes can be guilty of sweeping their health under the rug, we wanted to highlight this behavior in a memorable way that gets men to take action,” said Josh Dorevitch, brand and comms lead at Mosh in a statement. “Working with Matt and Sunday Gravy, we explored the universe that exists under that rug and made a film that we hope men will like and—more importantly—relate to.”

Each scene from the film will be broken down to tell individual product stories that support the brand’s holistic health offering—and continued expansion into new categories, including the addition of a weight loss and revamped mental health offering this year.


Brand and Comms Lead, Mosh: Josh Dorevitch

Head of Marketing, Mosh: Christine Yoon

Creative Agency: Sunday Gravy

Director: Matt Devine

Production: Revolver

Offline edit: Arc Edit

VFX & online edit: Heckler Sound Design: Heckler Sound