A Few *Correct* Things You Should Know About the FTC Guidelines

By Matt Van Hoven 

PRNewser‘s Joe Ciarallo has been fishing around all the news regarding the new FTC regulations regarding blogger endorsements. Some of what you’ve been hearing, for example that the FTC will fine up to $11,000 for breaking the guidelines, just isn’t true.

“$11,000 is what people used to have to pay when they violated a federal court order that resulted from FTC charges of deceptive advertising,” FTC Public Affairs Specialist Elizabeth Lordan tells PRNewser. “The current figure is $16,000. So the $11,000 figure is old information that used to be a part of the boilerplate in our press releases when court order violations were announced.”


Another important fact: the FTC has never fined anyone for breaking the previous rules and won’t for the revised set. Click over to PRNewser for all the details regarding these regulations. Kudos to Ciarallo for finally figuring this thing out.

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