A Fan’s Last Note

By SuperSpy 

Fredrick Exley, the troubled author of the extraordinary “A Fan’s Notes” said that: “The most difficult thing about striving for adulation is when you finally get the damn thing. Then what have you got? Goofy kids with backpacks knocking on your door.”

Every blogger strives to create and serve a community. I hope I achieved that goal. The blog was about sparking a conversation and taking the piss out of a cloistered business. Who else could remove advertising’s blinders and mess with protocol other than you guys – the forgotten soldiers on the front lines of this creativity war? I thank you for making that shit happen. All the comments, tips, emails and IMs… Thank you, because without you guys getting in their and shooting for the stars, this blog would have been vapor. At it’s best, the blog managed to give a voice to some of the more antiquated aspects of this business, while kicking and screaming about all the truth and all the exciting stuff that never makes it into those pompous press releases. I think you and I, we didn’t do a bad job of it? Legend, no, no, but good start? Hell, yes.


I’m just exhausted. You aren’t goofy kids with backpacks, but you are news hungry ad folk with Blackberrys. I’m just too tired to keep up with the regular hashing of the biz that this type of site demands, while holding down the gig that actually pays my bills. Also, it’s a brand new day here on MB. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, new bloggers have been ever so slowly taking over. It’s time for someone else to helm this ship, while I sip mojitas in a lawn chair on the poop deck.

One of my favorite bloggers, Adverganza, swears I’ll be back unable to stay away from this blogging addiction and hell, that may be true. I do have this Fifth Column thing I badly want to do, but where it will live… not sure yet, but it doesn’t involve blogging. It’s something else.

Regardless, my time at Agency Spy has come to a close (snuffle, sniffle). If you want to contact me, I’ve set up a new email address with an unacceptable, but irresistible nod to Charlie’s Angels: mailforsabrinaduncan at gmail dot com

So, yeah. Word. Here are some of my top rated posts from the close to 1600 I’ve penned in my one-year career:

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Now for the liner notes:
Thanks to George Parker, Tangerine Toad, HighJive, Steve Hall of Adrants, The Tribble Agency, Adweek’s Brian Morrissey, Creativity’s Nick Parish, Source Communications’ Colin Nagy, Michael Hastings-Black of creative shop Desedo, Jonah Bloom from AdAge for his total kindness during some of the blog’s dust-ups (ahem…), Bob Tedeschi at The New York Times, the ever wonderful Ms. Lee, Bill Green at Make The Logo Bigger, Chris Ariens at MB, DownLow (natch) and the numerous nameless tipsters who kept me in the news and out of the dumps when necessary. Thank you all.

Super Spy