A ‘Billion Dollar Contract’ Signing Goes Wrong in GS&P’s Latest for Adobe

By Erik Oster 

In Goody, Silverstein & Partners newest spot for Adobe, a fictional basketball player named Anton Miller is about to sign a billion dollar contract with fictional professional basketball team the Cincinnati Sabers. The team’s executives and lawyers meet Miller and company in a conference room as Miller waits for them to provide a seemingly endless array of signatures before it’s his turn to sign.

While he’s waiting, he receives, and accepts, an offer from an opposing team. Bad news for Cincinnati. The spot concludes with the line “How’s your customer experience? We can help.”

The spot manages to promote the Adobe Sign feature, as well as Adobe’s customer service offerings in general with the exaggerated illustration of manual signatures gone wrong. Coming on the heels of April’s “Snake Bite,” it’s the latest in the series of reliably clever efforts from Goody, Silverstein & Partners for the brand, injecting humor into a category where you wouldn’t expect it. While “Billion Dollar Contract” may not live up to some of its predecessors it’s still a welcome addition to the campaign, and is about as entertaining as a spot for an e-signature platform gets. The spot will make its broadcast debut on TNT during the network’s launch of the NBA season, which begins October 25.

Client: Adobe
Chief Marketing Officer: Ann Lewnes
VP, Experience Marketing Group: Alex Amado
Executive Creative Director: Steve Gustafson
Sr. Creative Director for Video: Dan Cowles
Director of Advertising and Production: Joel Giullian
Title of Creative Work: “Billion Dollar Player”
Live Date: 9/12/16
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairmen: Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Will Elliott
Creative Director: Patrick Knowlton
Creative Director: Roger Baran
Creative Director: Sam Luchini
Art Director: Jasper Yu
Art Director: Stefan Copiz
Copywriter: Alex Maleski
Director of Content Production: Tod Puckett
Senior Producer: Benton Roman
Production Coordinator: Rachel Newman
Managing Partner: Brian McPherson
Account Director: Theo Abel
Account Manager: Chelsea Bruzzone
Assistant Account Manager: Zack Piánko
Director of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
Brand Strategist: Etienne Ma
Brand Strategist: Andrew Mak
Director of Communication Strategy: Christine Chen
Communication Strategy Deputy Director: Dong Kim
Senior Communication Strategist: Caitlin Neelon
Communication Strategist: Natalie Williamson
Junior Communication Strategist: Chloe Bosmeny
Business Affairs Manager: Heidi Killeen
Director of Music: Todd Porter
Reset (Production)
Director: Adam Hashemi
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Jeff McDougall
Bidding Producer: Jenn Ingalls
Head of Production: JP Columbo
Producer: Michelle Currinder
Rock Paper Scissors (Editor)
Producer: Charlyn Derrick
Editor: Olivier Bugge Coutte
Barking Owl (Music)
Sound Designer – Michael Anastasi
Mixer – Patrick Navarre
Music – Barking Owl
Creative Director – Kelly Bayett
The Mill (Post FX)
Senior Producer: Will Unterreiner
2D Lead: Tara Demarco