72andSunnyU Launches #tinybrief

By Bob Marshall 

Hard to believe it’s already been over a month since we heard LA-based agency 72andSunny was creating its own in-house “university.” Indeed, we were living in the dark ages before 72andSunny saved advertising education similar to Moses saving his people from tyrannous Egyptian rule a few years back. (‘Tis the season after all.)

For the next week, 72U is schooling the Twittering masses for free, posting a different, short creative brief online every day. By responding with the hashtag #tinybrief on Twitter, anyone is eligible to “pitch” to @72U with the chance of winning a fabulous prize. Can’t wait to get started? Here’s the most recent brief: “Create a tagline for your favorite font and win custom stationary (logotype/letterhead/wedding invites, whatever) designed by 72andSunny partner, Robert Nakata.” Free stationary for taglines under 140 words? Surely there must be some sort of catch, right?


Not so, aspiring font tagline creator. More details and the daily winners are announced via 72U’s Facebook page. Good luck, copywriters!