72andSunny, Sonos Say You Deserve Better Than Crappy Speakers

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny launched a new campaign for Sonos, presenting the wireless speaker brand as the solution to common home audio problems like weak computer speakers and poorly integrated sound systems.

The 60-second spot at the heart of the campaign touches on all such problems, opening with a scene borrowed from 2009 bromantic comedy I Love You, Man which features Paul Rudd‘s character playing a Rush song for an unimpressed Rashida Jones on his computer speakers. From there we see a man holding his cellphone up to his ears, straining to hear the music, a noticeably grossed-out woman cleaning off earbud headphones she’s sharing with a guy, a man nearly having a panic attack while putting together a complicated speaker system and a rather unfortunate Bluetooth interruption. There’s also the problem of a father straining to hear dialogue while watching a show, only for the explosion in the next scene to wake up his sleeping baby.

It’s a relatable approach as most people who have listened to music (or watched Netflix) anytime in the past decade or so has likely encountered at least one of these problems. The spot ends with the tagline “You’re better than this,” implying viewers deserve a better listening experience. A series of 15-second spots explores each situation and dilemma specifically, and more clearly explains how Sonos offers a solution, something that 72andSunny doesn’t make much time for with all the scenes thrown into the mix.