72andSunny Shames Celebrity Smokers for truth

By Patrick Coffee 

Have you ever noticed that a disproportionate number of celebrities happen to smoke in their spare time? That fact provides the motivation behind this new spot for truth (itself an offshoot of the national public health organization Legacy), created by 72andSunny in order to cast these “unpaid” Big Tobacco spokespeople as the very opposite of what we might call “role models.”

Many of the famous faces in the ad didn’t see it because they were too busy attending the Video Music Awards on which it aired (and, presumably, smoking).

That’s not to say that the people at truth don’t love Chris Brown as much as the prototypical “next guy” who does not happen to be Suge Knight.


Another spot created to explain the first below.

There’s a larger point to the campaign: while the candid celebrity pics drew attention, truth wants to encourage teens to use their examples as inspiration to “Finish It”, it being the precipitous drop in youth smoking rates and the behavior in general.

The argument here is that Brown, RPattz, Rihanna and their big-name friends have become the newest form of (free) advertising for that classic bad guy, Big Tobacco. truth, on the other hand, wants to turn anti-smoking teens into “brand advocates” on social by encouraging them to add a “Finish It” graphic to their avatars.

Here’s our favorite part:

Erase & Replace – sharable content which removes cigarettes from photos on social media, and encourages teens and young people to use their own creativity and sense of fun to replace cigarette-related images with other images.”

While we have to applaud truth’s efforts to reduce the number of young people who smoke, we do wonder whether they’ve read any of the e-cig trend pieces popping up in major papers. Here’s an unpaid spokesperson:


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