72andSunny Floats Like Conchord, Stings With Humor for HP

By Matt Van Hoven 

“Let’s Do Amazing” is the tag accompanying a new campaign for HP from LA based 72andSunny &#151 and though the line pans on its own it imbues the viewer when tied to the visual portion. Three 30 second spots and a number of shorts accompany this campaign with the help of Rhys Darby (pictured) of “Flight of the Conchords” fame.

The project might be stinging the folks at Goodby, HP’s aor. Some 20 agencies participated in the pitch that preceded this launch.

The campaign celebrates some of HP’s lesser known success, like putting the internet in space. Rather, making a space station internet accessible. A spot after the jump, called “Blogger Outreach” gives the viewer a taste of what that means &#151 and parlays Darb’s awkward ineptitude. It’s the same style of humor that made his character popular on ‘Flight’ &#151 and that’s what carries this work. Will consumers make the connection? It doesn’t matter &#151 there’s just something funny about his delivery &#151 which of course carries important information regarding the brand.


Check out the main piece and credits after the jump. The spots include cameos from Annie Leibovitz and Dr. Dre. The rest of this work can be found at 72andSunny.com.

&#151 Partner, Creative Director: Glenn Cole
&#151 Partner, Creative Director: John Boiler
&#151 Creative Director: Bryan Rowles
&#151 Writer: Jed Alger
&#151 Designer: Jeff Beberman
&#151 Director, Brand Development: Alex Schneider
&#151 Brand Manager: Judson Whigham
&#151 Director, Film Production: Sam Baerwald
&#151 Senior Producer: Jay Howard
&#151 Director, Business Affairs: Jessica Reznick
&#151 Director, Interactive Production: Rebekah Jefferis
&#151 Interactive Producer: Jessica Rudzewicz

HP (Client):
&#151 CMO: Michael Mendenhall
&#151 VP, Brand Strategy and Experience Design: Glenna Patton
&#151 Creative Director: Greg Johnson
&#151 Director, Brand Strategy: Kelly Hampton
&#151 Brand Experience and Design: Jill Tanner

Imperial Woodpecker (Production)
&#151 Director: Simon McQuoid
&#151 Partner/Executive Producer: Doug Halbert
&#151 Producer: Anita Wetterstedt
&#151 DP: Mandy Walker

The Whitehouse (Editorial):
&#151 Partner, Editor: David Brixton
&#151 Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
&#151 Editor: Dan Oberle
&#151 Editor: Heidi Black
&#151 Asst. Editor: Ben McCambridge
&#151 Asst. Editor: Joanna Manning

LIME (Mix)
&#151 Mixer: Rohan Young
&#151 Mixer: Joel Waters

CO3 (Telecine)
&#151 Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Vendetta Post
&#151 Artist: Pete Mayor
&#151 Artist: Nick Piper
&#151 Artist: Shauna Prescott
&#151 Partner / Executive Producer: Sandy Beladino

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