72andSunny Brings Key & Peele to the Oscars for Samsung

By Erik Oster 

Last year, Samsung grabbed attention at the Oscars with a certain celebrity selfie. This year, 72andSunny mostly promoted Samsung’s other hardware — specifically its SUHD TVs, tablets and Gear VR virtual reality headset.

Comedy Central’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele) appear in “The Best TV Deserves the Best TV” in which they are amongst a cast of people talking about their favorite shows and movies. The comedic duo, it turns out, have an idea of their own for “the greatest show of all time ”  — Found, which is just one episode. They throw out some other ideas in the 90-second ad, such as Zombees and Night Club Court, and their appearance has the feeling of some of the more open-ended, seemingly improvisational segments on their show used to fill in space between sketches. Without Key and Peele, the spot would feel like just another ad celebrating film and TV to promote a high definition television, but they help elevate it to something a little more worthwhile.

“Movie Magic,” the other spot Samsung ran during the award ceremony is more typical Oscar ad fare. After a couple sees a movie together, a woman decides she’s going to make a movie that will “kick that movie’s movie butt” and the remainder of the ad focuses on her creative process, while highlighting several Samsung devices she uses. While not without its charm, the basic premise is commonplace enough that Apple released something fairly similar, showing how their devices could be used by aspiring filmmakers, and it drags on at 90 seconds.