72andSunny Be Like ‘Millenials Like Vine, Right?’ for truth

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny launched four new 15-second spots as part of its ongoing campaign for youth smoking prevention initiative truth, tackling the issue of social or party smoking, as in the previous “It’s A Trap.”

For the short spots, the agency enlisted the aid of Vine stars Logan Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Allicattt and Jerry Purpdrank, who co-directed in addition to starring in the ads. In a painful attempt to seem hip, the spots are built around the phrase “be like.” In “Never Alone,” for example, DelGrosso opens with the line, “That one homie be like…I never smoke alone, only with the squad,” as the camera pans out to show that his crew is a bunch of stuffed animals. The ad then interjects, “Big tobacco be like” and shows him swimming in a giant pool of money. 72andSunny applies a similar approach to party smoking, cigarillo smokers and college freshman who think they’ll quit before they graduate. The broadcast spots will make their debut during the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead on October 4, then make another appearance during the premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead a week later.

“For Big Tobacco Be Like, we partnered with people who our audience trusts the most and kept the content in a format they’re used to, short Vine-like bursts,” explained group creative director Mick DiMaria. “Vine stars like Logan, Christian, Allicattt and Jerry are hilarious content creators and, by collaborating with them from the beginning at table readings and throughout production, they helped us craft stories that inspire and ignite the generation who’ll end tobacco smoking, for good.”