500 Smartphones Help Build Stop-Motion Film

By Jordan Teicher 

It took more than 170 hours for Seoul-based shop Mr. Romance to animate a 100-second stop-motion short film for the Pantech Vega No 6 smartphone. That’s a week without sleeping. That’s a few weeks with a handful of naps sprinkled in between the production work. Before the animation took place, 1600 paper figures had to be cut carefully: that took three weeks. So, when you watch the clip, know that a tremendous amount of detail and effort went into the creative process.

That being said, the payoff for all of the work lasts less than two minutes. There’s actually a “making-of” section in the above video, which runs longer than the stop-motion part (that’s never a good ratio in filmmaking). Numbers seem to be vital to this whole campaign–500 Vega No 6 phones were also used to build the sets–but too much so, to the point where they overshadow the product. The video may have even been more effective if it stood alone without the making-of portion. I could tell you less is more, but I don’t think the workers who cut out the paper characters would be happy.


Credits after the jump.

Advertising Agency: Mr.Romance. Seoul. Korea
Executive Producer : Park Myeong hwan
Creative Director: Ok hyung Kim
Animation Director : Won ki. Hong
Art Director:  Won ki. Hong
Illustrator: Yeheum Joo
Photographer: Jung ho Goh