50 Cent, You’ve Been Called Out, by a 15 y/o Canadian with a Killer Stache

By Matt Van Hoven 

Even the kids are wise to 50 Cent’s whoring ways &#151 take the video above straight, like a shot of whiskey. Turns out, 50 has a deal in the works to mass produce 50 Cent Jr, aka Nickel, aka his penis for a line of vibrators that let his fans get intimate. Yeeps.

Here’s a question &#151 how much does a 50 cent vibrator cost? Heyo. Another question &#151 will his shlong be actual size, or like so many Hummer H2s, will it be in fact a representation of how big he’d like it to be? Either way, the kid in the video takes 50 to task for his whoriness re: the video game, Vitamin Water and his make-up line for men. That ain’t gangsta. Maybe he should audition for the next Gatorade commercial.



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