4 Seattle Agencies Come Together to Promote #MeToo Story ‘Disclosure’

By Erik Oster 

When DNA co-founder and CEO Alan Brown saw Stephanie Peirolo’s one-woman show “Disclosure”—which documents her experiences with misogyny, sexism and personal tragedy while working in the advertising and media industries—on a small stage in Seattle, he decided he had to help give it a platform.

“I was one of very few men in the audience when Stephanie first took her show on the stage in Seattle. I felt it was important for men in particular, to see this so they could better understand the issues women continue to face,” Brown explained.

So he helped organize a performance at the Seattle’s Cornish Playhouse this Sunday, February 10. Along with Possible CEO, Americas Martha Hiefield, Wongdoody Seattle president Skyler Mattson and Media+ managing partners Lauren Portman-Ramaska and Mary Ann Graje, he’s also underwriting the show to make tickets available for as little as five dollars, with 100 percent of proceeds going to Jubilee Women’s Center.


Update: This Sunday’s performance has been postponed due to snow and will be rescheduled for a future date yet to be determined. 

Now a Seattle-based consultant whose company, UpperHand, helps agencies and other creative companies foster better workplaces, Peirolo is an industry veteran who has served as director of business development for agencies including Publicis West, FCB, and Razorfish, and director of strategic partnerships for Wexley School for Girls.

“I’ve had three significant legal settlements in my career and two of them I am not allowed to speak of because of non-disclosure agreements,” Peirolo told CityArts Magazine in a recent interview. “What I realized over the last few years is that those NDAs, they’re not paying us settlements to make right what they did wrong, they’re paying us to keep quiet.”

Perirolo first told her story, including her son’s accident and tragic death, in a Moth performance that stretched over 12 minutes. That performance informs the one-woman show, which is directed by her Moth collaborator, Maggie Cino.

Her full Moth performance is below.