3G iPhone Ad and Thoughts

By Matt Van Hoven 

In case you missed it somehow, here’s the new iPhone spot courtesy Sr. Steve Jobs and YouTube. You’ve gotta love Apple’s rampant masturbatory marketing. Well, maybe you don’t.

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As a comparison to the Jason Justin Long spots, I have to say that the iPhone bit misses the mark. I only say this because many people are obviously waiting for the phone so to have an unveiling via an unveiling is, well, redundant.

But I guess when you’ve got a billion people (or so?) foaming at the mouth for the thing even though Verizon doesn’t (but might) host it, you can do that sort of thing.

Did I mention I use Verizon? Yeah and I’m pissed because now that I can actually afford the damn phone I still can’t get one. And the Verizon version sucks anyway, so forget it. I’m moving on.

This weekend I took a little road trip to New Rochelle, NY to compete in the Avon Need for Speed Relay to raise support for victims of domestic violence. My team cruised north in a rented minivan (we were trying to lower our emissions use by jumping in one vehicle), and to navigate we utilized two iphones.

Too bad they were (obvi) the old version and didn’t have GPS. Long story, we got lost when the phones got out of range of AT&T’s shitty service. Thanks iPhone, for almost making me miss a race to help abused people. Way to go.