360i, Oreo Craft Ode to the Pinkie

By Erik Oster 

Following on the heels of The Martin Agency’s “Thinner” launch of Oreo Thins, 360i launched “An Ode to the Forgotten Finger” to promote Oreo’s latest offering.

That forgotten finger, of course, is the pinkie, least useful of all fingers. The ode is crafted via footage accompanying a voiceover from the pinky’s perspective. Lamenting that each fingers plays a big part, “except for little old me,” the pinkie wishes it could wear a wedding ring, “let the beat drop,” or “tell everyone how good their driving is.” Instead, the finger is relegated to making “legally binding agreements for ten-year-olds.” At the end of the ad, the finger sees the Oreo Thin and it’s love (and pinkies up) at first sight. It’s a bit of a cheesy approach, but it fits the brand well, particularly the new slimmer incarnation of the product. At any rate, it’s a welcome change of pace after the tech-launch parody style ad introducing the product, as that approach would overstay its welcome rather quickly if pursued too thoroughly. The digital ad is supported by an Instagram campaign which Mondelez International senior brand manager Patty Gonzalez told Adweek is meant to “highlight the grown-up occasions that Oreo Thins are all about.”

“[Thins] is a really important launch for us,” Gonzalez told the publication. “You’ve seen lots of limited-edition flavors from Oreo, but this feels really special for us because we’re able to introduce a new cookie that really delivers on the taste of Oreo in a crisp, delicate texture and format.”



Client: Oreo
Janda Lukin, Sr. Director of NA Biscuits
Patricia Gonzalez, Senior Brand Manger
Elise Burditt, Senior Associate Brand Manager

Agency: 360i
Pierre Lipton, Chief Creative Officer
Aaron Mosher, Group Creative Director
Dave Yankelewitz, Group Creative Director
Declan Dyrnes-Enoch, Art Director
Alex Augustinos, Sr. Copywriter
Bjorn Kusa, Sr. Art Director
Avi Azouz, Copywriter
Phillip Pessaro, Group Director, Content Production
Alanda Fellows, Producer
Sandra Ciconte, VP, Group Account Director
Josh Lenze, Account Director
Lauren Fuller, Account Supervisor
Shankar Gupta, VP Strategy
Maggie Walsh, Senior Strategist
Namrata Patel, Senior Social Marketing Manager
Katya Kotlyar, Social Marketing Manager
Sarah Wanger, Social Marketing Manager

Production Company: North of New York
Harrison Nalevansky, Executive Producer
Matthew Thompson, Director
Patrick Donovan, Producer

Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Alejandra Alacon, Producer
Matt Schaff, Editor