360i Creatives Imagine Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscars Acceptance Speech

By Patrick Coffee 

Just as Donald Trump will almost certainly win the GOP presidential nomination whether the ad industry likes it or not, so Leonardo DiCaprio is the overwhelming favorite to score his first Best Actor statue for Alejandro González Iñárritu drama The Revenant. (According to the bookies, that is.)

Dude has certainly tried, and far lesser actors have been recognized by an Academy and a film business that is not in any way political or biased toward straight white men…kind of like the ad industry!

Creatives have already begun making light of Leo’s 20-plus year search for Oscars gold. London animation studio The Line turned it into an old school Nintendo-style video game called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, and now two senior creatives at 360i have made a cleverly edited version of his inevitable acceptance speech.

We knew there had to be at least one clip from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He really should have won for that movie or Catch Me If You Can. But definitely not The Great Gatsby.


CNN tells us today that DiCaprio doesn’t really need an Oscar, and the only appropriate response to that headline is “fucking duh.”

360i senior interactive art director/Leo Burnett veteran Sung Ha, senior copywriter Jamie Rome (formerly with BBH and Mullen) and L.A.-based director and editor Emile Doucette collaborated on this side project. Our readers will undoubtedly regard it with the respect for which they will never be anywhere near as famous as DiCaprio.