360i Celebrates ‘The Unsung Bacon’ for Oscar Mayer

By Erik Oster 

360i and Oscar Mayer have a new campaign championing unsung bacons — turkey bacon, always in the shadow of its porcine relative; and Michael Bacon, whose popularity also pales in comparison to a certain member of his family.

The goal of the campaign, which lives at the landing site www.unsungbacon.com is simple: Oscar Mayer wants to help Michael Bacon gain more Twitter followers than his famous brother. So far, it’s quite the uphill battle. As of press time, Michael trails 1,361 to 430,943. Michael, in case you didn’t know, is an Emmy award winning composer and a member of The Bacon Brothers. The landing site will host videos, photos and facts about the campaign. It’s a clever idea which may get people to reconsider an item they’d otherwise ignore. 360i’s spot, with production company Mssng Peces is pretty funny and well worth a view, noting similarities between the two unsung bacons. Stick around for credits after the jump.Creative Director: Aaron Mosher

Creative Director: David Yankelewitz

Senior Art Director: Michele Jaret

Senior Copywriter: Mike Lee

Senior Designer: Courtney Nader

Producer: Purvi Sheth

Director: Anthony Mathile

Production Company: Mssng Peces