2020 Is a Nightmare, So We’re Doing an AgencySpy Dog of the Year Contest (Updated Deadline)

By Erik Oster 

You may have noticed that 2020 has been a tough year.

Between colliding climate, socioeconomic, health and political catastrophes and yet another disappointing (shortened) season from AgencySpy’s official baseball team, the New York Mets (Ed. note — it’s the Phillies*), there has been a lot to bring us down.

But there’s dogs. There’s always dogs.


So we’ve decided to offer a bit of a distraction for the weeks-long anxiety fest leading up to the 2020 election in the form of an award show equally as important as the Cannes Lions or Clios but which might actually be enjoyable to those not overly-obsessed with industry status: the inaugural AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards.

It’s pretty simple. Enter your agency dog (which these days is defined as any dog living with an employee of any advertising agency) and we’ll figure out a bunch of categories

Here is how you enter (the most important instructions of the year): 

Tweet a photo of your dog and include the following by the October 23 October 30 deadline:

  • The hashtag #AgencySpyDOTY (you can @ us at AgencySpy on Twitter as well)
  • The dog’s name
  • The name of the agency
  • A brief description of what makes her/him such a good girl/boy

We haven’t figured out all the details yet but it’s going to be cool. In the spirit of dogs everywhere, there will be no losers in AgencySpy Dog of the Year, so fear not.

We’ll announce the litter of winners on Tuesday, Nov. 3, because we have a feeling we’ll all need a welcome distraction that day.

May the best (all) dogs win.


*Unsanctioned notation, disregard