180LA and Zumba Dance While Everyone Is Watching

By Patrick Coffee 

Confession: we’re still not quite sure what Zumba is.

Many face the same dilemma despite the fact that the company “counts 15 million weekly dance class participants in a 180 countries worldwide.” For this reason, Zumba enlisted 180LA to remind viewers what it’s all about, and the resulting spot — which debuted yesterday — is energetic enough to qualify as a public health hazard:

The main concept here is to promote Zumba to the public at large rather than catering to the sort of “gym junkies with unattainable bodies” that you might meet at, say, a Diplo set in L.A.

For the record, we also appreciate the presence of “nightclub bouncer” and “pudgy middle management dude” to subtly counter the idea that Zumba is a strictly-for-women phenomenon.

More info and credits below.

The release tells us that the idea was “conceptualized and created” by 180 and directed by “renowned twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker” of TWiN Thing, who shared it on Vimeo.

The release also notes that 180LA brought in “sports advertising expert”/W+K veteran Janet Champ to help with creative.

Here are a couple of print ads with copy:

zumba 1

zumba 2


Agency: 180LA
Client: Zumba
Managing Partner, Chairman: Chris Mendola
Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner
Creative Director/Copywriter: Janet Champ
Creative Director/Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo
Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley
Producer: Kevin Diller
Account Manager: Jessica DeLillo
Production Company: RESET
Director: TWiN
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Jeff MacDougall
Bidding Producer: Jenn Ingalls
Head of Production: Amanda Clune
Producer: Ed Callaghan
Service Company: Capital Media Company
Executive Producer: Christian Allen
Head of Production: Keely Stothers
Editorial Company: Beast
Executive Producer: Jerry Sukys
Producer: Annie Maldonado
Editor: Paul Norling
Assistant Editor: Ryan Dahlman