180LA and Boost Mobile Want to Make the Act of Voting Just a Little Easier

By Patrick Coffee 

There’s a fair chance that you are one of the many people who often thinks about the fact that we in the United States have an election coming up. Maybe you can relate to variations on the “why can’t we just get it over already?!” joke.

But voting is a serious thing—and earlier this month, Boost Mobile announced its plans to help more people vote this year with the help of its creative agency partner 180LA.

In short, the client is turning many of its locations into polling stations where people can vote. And those locations happens to be located in some of the areas whose residents are most likely to encounter challenges when trying to cast their ballots.

At the very least, this is an ad agency working on a project that could make a discernible difference in behavior … and that behavior in turn could in some way play an even larger role in determining what sort of society we choose to live in.


Here’s a press release description of the project in action:

“When reaching out to counties, we see what their needs are and if a Boost store is located in a precinct that needs additional polling places. If there is a match, the county inspects the store for adequate size, electrical outlets and wifi. If the store passes inspection, it becomes a polling place for November 8. On Election Day, the store opens early and closes late to allow for set up and voting.”

So far, the campaign has reached out to 817 counties, resulting in more than 5,000 additional polling stations set to be operational on election day. Here’s the change.org petition related to the effort. It needs more signatures!

Most Americans will see this as a good thing. If you believe the main problem with our democracy is that it’s too easy for people to vote, and if you think it would be in the best interest of the country at large for fewer citizens to participate in elections, then we can suggest a few alternative blogs for you to follow.