180 Amsterdam Launches ‘Welcome to the Future of Play’ for PS4

By Erik Oster 

180 Amsterdam has launched a new campaign for Sony’s PS4 holiday push entitled “Welcome to the Future of Play.”

In what has long been the standard for gaming advertising, players are thrust into the action of a game. “I don’t want to die…again,” says one of the players, as he and a friend hide during a fierce battle. The friend decides they have three options: check YouTube and hope someone shared how to get past the stage via the PS4’s “Share” button; ask their friend Dave how to survive the Viking attack; or invite Nick to join them in the game, even though he doesn’t own the game. The last option illustrates one of the PS4’s big selling points, that you can join a friend’s game remotely, even if you haven’t purchased the title. The way the ad arrives at this point, however, may seem a little forced to some viewers.

The campaign is launching simultaneously in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Middle East, as the holiday season approaches. In addition to the broadcast spot, the campaign also includes print and OOH elements, each focusing on one of the key new features for the PS4 promoted in the spot.

Client Credits:

Vice President Marketing Usama Al Qassab
Marketing Director Isabelle Tomatis
Senior Brand Manager Adam Grant

Agency Credits:

President & CCO Al Moseley
Creative Directors Nick Bell, Martin Terhart
Art Director Stephane Lecoq
Copywriter Martin Beswick
Brand Director Emma Holland
Account Director Simone Raspagni
Strategic Planner Jonas Vail
Project Director Meredith Bergonzi
Agency Producer Print Eleanor Fitzgerald
Agency Producer  TV Bethany Papenbrock
Head of Production Susan Cook
Production Company Caviar
Exec Producer Louise Gagen



Ruben FleischerVincent Dixon

Neil Cray

Jono Griffith

Post-production MPC
Music Wave