$100M Radio Shack Account Goes To Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

By SuperSpy 

It’s finally happened. Radio Shack has selected a winner in their review. It’s California shop BSSP. No one was surprised when the account went into review considering Radio Shack tagged a new CMO, Lee Applbaum in September 2008. A few months later he told the WSJ in an article about the life of a new Chief Marketing Officer that: ‘If you start hearing the phrase, “but that’s how we’ve always done it,” [from your ad agency] you might need to move on, Applbaum said. And that’s what precisely he did. The incumbent was Arnold Boston who was eliminated in the early rounds of competition.

Radio Shack is trying on a new look for their brand. This year, stores will be offering an in-store trade-in program. Customers will be able to bring in working items (consoles, phones, laptops) and an employee will give you a gift card charged up with the appraised value. This an extension of an online trade-in program Radio Shack has offered since 2008. Who knew?


Other good news? With Circuit City out of the way, Radio Shack has seen a boost in their web traffic. And the bad news: Radio Shack’s Chief Executive received a compensation package $5.5M in 2008. Folks are not happy about that considering the company has a few rough years, but what else is new? Executive pay? Bah.

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