Report: Major US Broadcaster-Backed Online Networks Claim Over Half of Free Online TV in US, Hulu Accounts for 10%

By Andrew Gauthier Comment

Chart: 2008 online TV revenues
Screen Digest has released a report covering online TV in the U.S….
The online web-based TV services of the four major US TV networks ABC Full Episode Player, CBS Audience Network, and together with Hulu, the joint venture between NBC Universal, News Corporation and Disney, accounted for a combined 53% of an ad-supported US online TV market that generated $448m in revenues in 2008.

In contrast, third party platforms such as YouTube, Joost and other portals, which have no direct vertical affiliation with major rights holders, nor direct access to premium content rights, will struggle to aggregate ad-supported movies and TV shows. More…

PaidContent analyzes the impact of Hulu, which accounted for 10% market share in 2008…
Despite the growth surge (and the fact that sites like and Hulu are regularly generating CPMs that are on par with, or better than, their network counterparts), the report finds that ad-supported online TV revenues will still only account for about 2.2 percent of all US TV ad revenue within the next four years. Amel notes that it definitely wont be enough to offset the $2 billion decline that Screen Digest is expecting to impact the on air TV ad market overall. More…