KTLA Anchor Lampooned for Reaction to Earthquake Gets in on the Joke

By Kevin Eck Comment

oscar picKTLA anchor Chris Schauble laughed off the attention he’s been getting over the last 24 hours after his reaction to yesterday’s 4.4 earthquake went viral.

“Has anything interesting happened in the last 24 hours?” Schauble asked at the top of the Los Angeles CW affiliate’s 5:00 a.m. show.

The station filled the morning show with the latest tweets, memes and videos lampooning the anchor’s emergency response.

Here’s a meme with him as one of The Supremes.Bi-uagjCEAEMsEV

His co-anchors pointed out the existence of #EarthquakeFace on twitter and a dance remix of his reaction. You can watch the remix after the jump.

Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin got in on the act congratulating Schauble for his newfound fame. Rubin made headlines recently when he mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne during a satellite interview.

Schauble even took an #EarthquakeFace photo of himself with the Laker Girls.laker girsl
He appeared with other LA anchors in a mashup on Jimmy Kimmel who told his audience “Little known fact, the Richter Scale measures the number of local news anchors who dive under their desk.”

Here’s the video that started it all:

Some compared Schauble to former KNBC anchor Kent Shockneck who dove under his desk during an earthquake in 1987. According to KTLA, Shockneck earned the nickname “Kent Shockwave” for his efforts.

MC Dub Cutz from YouTube put together an NSFW dance mix: