Gunshot Interrupts WBND Reporter’s Live Shot About Drive-By Shooting

By Kevin Eck Comment

Multimedia journalist Eric Steltzer had a morning live shot for South Bend, IN, ABC affiliate WBND momentarily interrupted by what sounded like a gunshot.

Steltzer told TVSpy, he turned around and saw a car drive by with a window halfway rolled down after he heard the ‘pop,’ “In my head I was saying, ‘I think someone just tried to shoot me! But I’m still going to tag out of this story.’ I ended up doing one more live shot there before heading back to the station.”

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When the station asked a South Bend Police Captain if the sound was a gunshot, the cop said, “I wouldn’t doubt it.” Steltzer was at a local gas station reporting on an early morning drive-by shooting.

You can see video of the live shot in a story WBND did about the drive-by after the jump.

“The shooter was no further than 40 yards away,” said Steltzer. “You can actually see the car we think the shot came out of in the video.” He added, “I’m a MMJ. So it’s just me out there in the field. I’m the only overnight reporter in our area, and wanted to make sure the story got out there. However, looking back now, I shouldn’t have stuck around. Lesson learned.”

Steltzer joked about it on twitter, saying, “@amnewsboy and I still wrapped up and tagged out!”

Here’s the video of the drive-by story. The gunshot can be heard :54 in.