World News Now Anchors: Where Are They Now?

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

World News Now.jpg Former World News Now anchors — including Anderson Cooper, Kevin Newman, and Liz Cho — are sharing their memories of the show in a segment, called World News Now Anchors: Where Are They Now?, that ran on today’s program. It’s part of a week-long 16th anniversary celebration (the show is calling it “15 Plus 1”), which has also featured a look back at the history of the program by former anchor Aaron Brown and show creator David Bohrman .

Still on tap this week: a feature on Bill Rice, ABC News’ staff announcer for the past 45 years, and the voice of WNN from its inception. Also: the story of the World News Now Polka, and, on Friday, credits of every single person who has ever worked on the broadcast.

>More: David Bohrman emailed TVNewser to announce that HE actually was WNN’s first announcer. It all came down to money: instead of the network hiring an outside announcer, Borhman re-activated his dormant AFTRA membership, and each Sunday night, would record a week’s worth of announce copy, while also EP’ing the program.