Wolf Blitzer’s CNN Starting Five

By SteveK Comment

blitzertv_4-30.jpgESPN The Magazine interviews DC sports fan (and CNN anchor) Wolf Blitzer in this month’s edition.

Blitzer is asked where he’d slot some of the CNN talent in if they were to field a basketball team, and he goes into full Coach Blitzer mode. “Anderson (Cooper)’s gotta be a guard. I gotta be a guard. Candy (Crowley) and John (King) forwards. Lou Dobbs at the center position,” he says.

He also compares his work with that of ESPN anchor Chris Berman. “He brings out different points of view, and keeps people honest,” he says. “When you’re doing an interview and someone says something completely ridiculous, you gotta say, ‘What are you talking about?’ I admire Chris Berman for what he does.”